( “Mastering the Art of Courtship By Learning How to Impress a Girl

If you want to get the attention of a woman, then you need to remember that first impression really matters. Keep in mind that even if the girl shows motives that she likes you, you should be careful with the things you will say or do; or else, you will scare her away. But the thing is, guys have a difficulty in expressing their feelings; it’s as if they gag on the right terms. At times, their fear of rejections gets too overwhelming that they ended up driving away even the sweetest women. In this case, you may need assistance in learning how to impress a girl. read more

(‘Are You Displaying Beta Male Traits Around Women?

One of the core principles to attracting women is to learn how to become an Alpha Male. By demonstrating this personality, you’ll transform yourself into somebody who can display confidence in a quiet, but noticeable manner. read more

( “Meet Your Dream Girl

Probably every man on the planet has an image in his head of the perfect girl âx80x93 the dream girl who he would worship and stay with forever. The problem is he just never manages to find her. She remains an elusive image that seems unattainable. read more

(‘Attract More Women in 3 Easy Steps by Being a Caveman

Attracting more women by being a Caveman? Yeah, right. What woman in her right mind would want to date an uncultured savage who doesn’t shower much, bosses them around, and doesn’t care about how he looks? read more

( “The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Speed Date Event

You must have already heard about speed dating and that it is one of the latest trends in the dating scene. If you haven’t tried it out, you should at least make it a point to join a speed date event; you’ll never know who you’re going to meet. But before you become a speed dating advocate, here is a brief description of the advantages and disadvantages of a speed date event.
Speed dating is very accessible for everyone and is very beneficial for people who are lost in the dating scene. Some may be too busy and do not have time to meet singles out there and some don’t know where to find possible dates. A speed date event is applicable for everyone who is out to find a date and here are the advantages of being a part of a speed date event.
The first is the time efficiency. You will only be allowed to talk to a person for around 8 minutes and you’d want to get to know the most out of the person in those few minutes. Most often, you will be able to know if you like the person or not based on the first few minutes of talking to them. You can make an impression based on how they speak and present themselves. Because a speed date event is time efficient, you will get to talk to a lot of new people for just a short period of time.
The next advantage of a speed date event is that you will know right off the bat if the person is worth pursuing or not. Although most of your decision will stem from your first impression, you’d still know inside you if the person is worth another date or not. Perhaps you don’t find the person in front of you attractive, then take it as a blessing that you only have 8 minutes to be with that person and you don’t have to converse with him/her any longer than that.
And the last advantage is the very comfortable environment. You must have already experienced a very awkward date where there is only the two of you; such a situation is avoidable in speed date events because you are around a group of people. You can even get your friends to join for fun. You will also feel safe knowing that there are many people around you as opposed to be being on a blind date with someone you have no idea of.
Speed dating is very accessible for everyone and is very beneficial for people who are lost in the dating scene. Some may be too busy and do not have time to meet singles out there and some don’t know where to find possible dates. A speed date event is applicable for everyone who is out to find a date and here are the advantages of being a part of a speed date event.
However, there are also disadvantages of speed dating. You must know that talking to a person for a few minutes is not enough to know the person well. All it can do is leave a lasting first impression which is not always right. And there are some people that won’t be able to express themselves enough within 8 minutes of conversation time. Another disadvantage of a speed date event is that you will base your decision mostly on physical appearance. There is always more to physical appearance and if you decide based on this, you might be letting go of a quality man or woman.
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( “Blind Dating 101 – Advice For Gay Singles Meeting For The First Time

Whether you met through a friend, online or a same-sex dating service like the Nuera Network, meeting someone for the first time on a date can be stressful. What if you aren’t attracted? How should you dress? Where should you go? Staying cool and being yourself (regardless of whether there’s a romantic connection or not) is an absolute must. read more

(‘The Importance Of Your Behavior On A First Date

How you behave on the first date usually dictates whether or not a second date will take place. Because of this, many people go into such lengths to look and act their best. However, what people do not know is that there’s more to first dates than just looking good, acting interested, flirting or conversing. Behaving oneself properly is often overlooked, not knowing that this is actually very important. read more

(‘How Do I Know My Girlfriend Is Avoiding Me?

Abruptly, you gaze at your cellphone and you get the idea that the “good morning ” text definitely isn’t waiting for you as it usually is. You begin wondering if something could be wrong, so you send her a text asking if she’s okay and telling her to buzz you. Of course, her reply never comes. Your phone never rings. From then on, it hits you. You’re being ignored, but why? “What did I do? Was it something that I said, ” you wonder? read more

( “How To Attract A Girl

Some people will be able to get all the attention and attraction of the women while some others will be ignored by the opposite sex. The main reason is that some people knew how to attract women while some others do not. read more

( “How to Contact Girls Online

One of many coolest things right now is internet dating. It is easy to find women online with just a few clicks. There once was a stigma round internet dating, but honestly a guy must be stupid not to try it out. read more

(‘How To Get A Girl To Talk To You – Practical Tips You Can Immediately Apply Now

How to get a girl to talk to you? This is a very good question but I think a better question will be, “How to get a girl to talk to you and like to talk to you again and again? ” In order to achieve this, obviously, it is very important that you understand what women really want and what they are really thinking. In this article, I am going to give you tips that you can immediately apply now. read more

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Are you worried to death about starting to seduce difficult women? Okay, so you got your eyes on this amazing girl and you’ve been thinking about her all day everyday and you think she’s perfect and she’s definitely the one for you — however, she’s one fiery, free-spirited lass that can’t be tamed down and it’s left you feeling totally unhappy and bummed. Don’t worry. There are numerous ways on how to seduce difficult women and you don’t have to pop a vein for it. Here’s how: read more

( “5 Effective Tips To Date A Rich Man

If you are willing to date a rich man, be prepared to take the pains to meet the demands of a wealthy man. The right skills and attention drawing capabilities become extremely essential if you are looking to impress a rich man. There is no dearth of rich men and you can find someone anywhere, a formal occasion, a party or in a club. In order to live the life of your dreams, it often becomes necessary to find someone with material wealth. Thus, playing your cards right is the trick to impress a rich man. read more

( “5 Powerful First Date Tips for Men

After talking to a woman and getting to know her on the phone, it’s time to set up your first date. But what actions should you take on the first date which can ensure future dates. read more

( “5 Signs Of Determining A Man’s Interest

In your effort to determine the appropriate guy to date, there are a number of methods that you should use to know where and how to make your move. When you would like to make a dating relationship, there are high chances that you already have a certain man in mind. However, you should first of all determine whether the man concerned is also interested in you. This is very important since you will be wasting your efforts if you focus on someone who does not have the faintest indication of interest in you. Your success will be higher when you go for someone whose interest complements yours. This means that you should be aware of the methods that will help you to know what a man really thinks about you. This involves taking a closer look at the man and observing some things that will help you to know whether he likes you or not. This will help you to play safe and not end up a victim. read more

( “6 Surefire Ways to Have Amazing Conversations with Women

Building rapport with a woman is vital to creating attraction within her. Without it, a conversation can become stale. Ultimately engaging a woman in a boring discussion will make her quickly find somebody else to talk to. read more

To go out on a date is not only exciting and fun, but it can also be such a nerve wracking situation sometimes. Admit it or not, single men must have enough knowledge and ideas as to where to go on dates.

Men should never run out of ideas where to take their dates and they must know how to keep a conversation alive. It can be a tough thing to do, but it is worth it if you have finally succeeded in pursuing your date. Of course, first dates are important, but you should not take for granted the second dates. read more

What’s interesting is women LOVE text messaging! If you’ve ever watched a girl in a social setting, you’ll notice how much many text messages she sends. In fact, I think this form of technology is rapidly replacing phone conversations.

So when you text message a girl the RIGHT way, you can quickly build enough attraction that you won’t have to do much IN-PERSON game when you see her next. read more

Both men and women are in truth, emotional creatures. Fellas, don’t front, there’s a soft spot inside every one of you. Most of you inherit it from your mom. We may not express it at any given moment, but in order for an initial attraction to evolve into something deeper and more meaningful, you and your woman need to build a chemistry fertile foundation; which all begins with the building of an emotional connection with her.

Better yet, in order to take things to the physical level, you need to erupt up her inner emotional volcano, not just climb her curvaceous mountain. read more