Your Box Spring Has Been Lying To You—Get A Platform Bed

Your Box Spring Has Been Lying To You—Get A Platform Bed

If you bought a new mattress recently, you probably had to plunk down some more of your hard-earned cash to get a box spring to support the mattress. I can only think of one thing to say: sucker! You don’t need that unwieldy, weighty contraption any more. Shake yourself from the shackles of bedroom furniture tyranny and welcome with open arms a new enlightened era of snoozing and napping. With new advances in bedroom furniture, you can avoid such a mistake in the future and throw out your boxy, cumbersome, supposed mattress supporter. Switch over and join the millions of others who are enjoying a restful night without a box spring and sleeping peacefully in a contemporary platform bed.

Platforms beds are the new hot ticket in bedroom furniture. The bed is a low-profile (not to be confused with low-rider, which has nothing to do with bedroom furniture) work of modern minimalism. Its clean lines and sleek finish translate into an understated yet utterly sophisticated silhouette. But the fact that it is low-profile means it sits three or four inches lower than a standard bed, making it the perfect purchase for the gracefully challenged. Seriously, falling out of bed in the middle of the night is disorienting and painful. Never again will you wake up with unrecognizable bruises in the morning. Curse you, evil box spring!

How does this miracle bed work, you ask? A series of sturdy, durable slats run across the width of the bed frame. These slats support your mattress and yourself without any extra bulk. The box spring doesn’t do the work for you—the mattress is what’s in charge of giving your back and neck the support it needs at night. The box spring was just riding along all these years, trying to feel self-important and necessary. Well, fie on you, box spring! You’ve been lying to all of us about how important you are!

Um…sorry, got carried away. Anyhow, the platform bed is the bed of the future. Soon, as consumer catch on to the charade, box springs will be rendered obsolete, ushering in a new era of box-spring-free sleeping. Save yourself somewhere around three to seven hundred dollars and go for the contemporary bed and honest bed: the platform bed.

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