World Of Warcraft Gold Making Guide: Limited Supply Items

I have decided to share a really great World of Warcraft Gold Making Guide secret with you. Actually it might piss off the very few people that have been taking advantage of this already. You will be in a small minority after this lesson.

This technique is so simple, that you will be very pleasantly surprised and the amount of gold you will be banking in no time.

Limited Supply Items. That is the secret. There are a bunch of these Limited Supply Items to be purchased from NPC Vendors that a lot of people have no clue where to find them. You exploit this lack of knowledge and make a killing.

You will be able to pick up some items for very small prices… less than 1 gold most of the time; run to the Auction House and list that bad boy marked up to whatever your market price is.

The Limited Supply Items spawn on Vendors on a timer. They usually spawn every few hours. If you pick one up, nobody else will be able to get one… until you list yours at the Auction House.

Here are some great examples that I personally use. Be sure and do your research to find what these are selling for on your server before trying it.

Recipe: Elixir of Shadow Power
Buy it from Alchemy Supplies vendors in Stormwind (Maria Lumiere, in the Alchemy shop on your left, just after you go into the Mage Quarter); and Undercity (Algernon, in the
Apothecarium). You buy it from the vendor for 1g. Check your server to see what it is selling for, but I usually do it in the 7g range. I have seen it go for over 10g before… but do not get too greedy.

Recipe: Free Action Potion
Buy it from Alchemy Supplies vendors in Ironforge (Soolie Berryfizz, in the Alchemy shop across from the Tram entrance); and Orgrimmar (Kor’geld, off The Drag, on your way down to Cleft of Shadow). Buy it for 18s, sell on the AH for around 4g-5g.

Those two will work great for low level characters. But for those in the higher levels you will be able to make some more gold using the following.

Recipe: Frost Oil
Buy it from Alchemy Supplies vendor Bro’kin, in the ruins in Alterac Mountains (a little hard to find, location is 39,39, take the walkway up to him on the northern fall of the ruins). Buy it for 25s, sell on the AH for 5g and up.

A few techniques to be more efficient with this World of Warcraft Gold Making Guide strategy: Keep an alt toon at the Vendor. Log into the toon and check for the item every hour or so. Do this as much as you can to try to get the most you can. Purchase as many as you can of the item so you can use the techniques I already taught you to be able to DOMINATE the market. If you are comfortable enough, you can even buy someone out if they put one up for sale at the AH.