Winjitsu ACE, Rick Tew – Lesson 6

Winjitsu ACE, Rick Tew – Lesson 6

Usually we can never have too much preparation, that is, if we eventually take action. However, there are times when students postpone their training and fail to reach the starting line.

There are students who want to train, but first, want to lose a little weight before they begin. They want to fix their schedule or save a little money so that they can pay for their program. At first, procrastination seems like simple realistic choices to help one prepare.

People often convince themselves they are doing this for their own good, so they can do their best when they do start. Regardless of the circumstances, train yourself to keep saying, “today is the day.” If you have a problem being happy, consider whether or not you set up too many needed conditions in order to feel good.

For example, consider what you place into the blank space when you ask the following question:

I’ll be happy when

This seems to be a natural process for many people. Will you only be happy when everything falls into place at the end of the day? It is avoiding the now and living in the future. But how often is life going to fit into your perfect plan? Consider the following two recipes for happiness:

01 I’ll be happy when there is world peace

02 I’ll be happy when I am breathing

Which perspective do you think will lead you to more joy? Naturally the one that does not require too much to make you feel good. The purpose of this lesson is not to simply help you to be happy, but to understand that taking action follows a similar recipe and requires that you begin by beginning. Do you want to be happy? If so, then start being happy.

I tell my students that if they want to be good at kicking, then they should kick. If they want to have flexibility, then they should stretch.

If you want to be good at, then you should do.

Getting a Black Belt in any skill requires that you simply begin DOING it. So if you want to smile more often and feel good, then begin by smiling more often. But, do not leave it up to chance or external circumstances.

Happiness is not a goal; you are either happy or you are not.

It is always a NOW issue. At this moment, happiness is a decision you can make. Don’t leave your joy up to current events or consequences. It is true that we humans are happier when we are striving for a goal. But that goal should not be happiness, and your goal should not be the source of your happiness. If you want to be happy, “Just do it.” Don’t spend your life preparing for something that may never arrive. Don’t wait for things to be perfect, because they will never be perfect. Just start slowly with a warm up and some basic preparation. Remember this:

Try to replace “Someday” with “Today.”

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