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Why Women Leave Their Husbands – The Top Four Reasons

Why Women Leave Their Husbands – The Top Four Reasons

Marriages just don’t last in the United States today, and it’s a shame to see a good thing go to waste. If you take a time and see why women leave husbands, you’ll realize that most of the problems that cause it can be resolved if you are willing to put some efforts into it. Below are the top four reasons on why women leave husbands and what you can do when you notice the signs.

Problem 1 – He’s Not Working Hard Enough

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Marriage requires a lot of work, and if you’re married, you know what I mean. But many women leave their husbands simply because they think that he’s stopped putting the effort into it. When women see their partners begin to turn them off, it’s the beginning of the end. She feels like she is putting in all the effort, and she figures “Why bother?”

This is tough for men to realize. Usually, they feel like they are working hard at their work, and this is their contribution to the relationship. They are exhausted by this contribution, and it makes THEM feel unappreciated and leads to resentment. However, what she’s talking about is emotional commitment.

What You Can Do – Spend some time together. Plan it, like it’s a meeting with a client or buyer. Make time together and ensure that it stays focused on both of you. It’s just as easy as that.

Problem 2 – Where is The Affection?

Aside from his effort and time, women also need affection. This normally dwindles down from the first date to 30 years of married life. However – you cannot allowed this to happen! It is just as crucial now as it was when you were first dating. A lot of guys don’t realize this.

Without that spark of affection, a marriage becomes a partnership and nothing more. It might not even be a friendship anymore, and this is serious. Believe it or not, women need love, affection and intimacy much more than men do, and this includes what goes on in the bedroom.

What You Could Do – Start going out on dates just as before. Go back to those enchanting beginning days. Devote more time to making a little love.

Problem 3 – You Just Don’t Listen

As part of her needs, a woman also needs to be listened to. Lots of women report their husbands’ inability to listen as the top reason. Essentially, the issue isn’t that men don’t listen; it is that they simply cannot stop themselves from giving their ideas and trying to “correct” things. It’s part of a man’s primal nature, I suppose.

What You Could Do – Ask her about her day, after that shut up and pay attention when she’s talking. Ask her open-ended questions like “How did that make you feel?” Don’t worry about solutions; your listening is enough.

Problem 4 – Being Unfaithful

This one is pretty clear and understandable. He has an affair, she finds out, and then it’s over. However, there is a deeper truth concealed behind it. Having an affair is marriage suicide and most men realize it. You know that your wife won’t give you a second chance if she finds out. No other woman’s really worth all that, and you know it.

Whenever a woman finds out that her husband’s had an affair, it opens a whole Pandora’s Box of bad feelings about him. Additionally, it opens up all her negative feelings about herself. This double whammy is more than most women can handle, and that’s why it’s time for divorce.

What You Could Do – Men who are cheating should QUIT right this moment, and then try to find the actual reasons why they’re doing it. This is the real problem, and once you solve this, you’ll be happy in your marriage again. If your wife caught you (believe me, she will; it’s just a matter of time), you will have a long painful process to win her trust back.

A marriage takes work. If you notice the signals that she’s considering to leave, then you should ACT; RIGHT NOW. Keep in mind that you’re the only person that can save your marriage.