What To Do With Leftover Sourdough Starter

If you have an active sourdough starter in your home, you likely have some leftover sourdough starter from when you refresh the starter. You may not know what to do with this leftover starter, so here are some great tips for using sourdough starter in everyday recipes.

1. Sourdough starter will give a pleasant tangy flavor to many foods, and can often be substituted for recipes that call for flour and liquid in them. The key is to make sure the starter you using will be equivalent to the flour and liquid called for in the recipe you are substituting it in.

2. Leftover sourdough starter is especially good in breakfast bread items like sweet muffins, crumpets, pancakes and waffles. The sour aspect of the starter is often balanced nicely by maple syrup or sugar in these recipes, so do not let the idea of using a sour base for these recipes frighten you off from giving it a try.

3. Sourdough starter is also an excellent batter base for frying. It can be used to make delicious onion rings and battered fried vegetable slices. Often the sourdough starter will need little added to it in order to use as a batter.

4. There are many websites online that have recipes for leftover sourdough starter. Do not be afraid to do an online search for sourdough starter recipes and be open to experimentation as well.

With just a little creativity and experimentation, you should be able to find many ways to use your leftover sourdough starter.