Useful Strategies To Make Your Boyfriend Propose

Useful Strategies To Make Your Boyfriend Propose

Being ready for marriage is a woman’s natural instinct whenever she’s in a long term relationship. Men, on the other hand is unpredictable when it comes to marriage. We can’t read their minds and we can’t force them to talk about it. If that is the case, how about trying to tell him what’s on your mind instead? It may sound that easy but of course, it’s not. You don’t want to drive him away by being to aggressive. The secret is to send him hints that you’re prepared for marriage. But how do you that? Here are some useful hints that can make your boyfriend realize you’re ready to tie the knot:

However, before you do anything, let me remind you that this is not a random thing. You don’t just talk about marriage anywhere or at anytime-everything should be done with perfect timing.

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The initial thing that you should consider is financial stability and emotional maturity for the both of you. Try to evaluate the situation. Is it really the right time for you to get married?

You can start by talking about weddings in a restrained way. You can ask him what’s his ideal age of getting married or ask about his preference between a garden wedding or church wedding.

You can also bring up conversations about common friends who got married. This will send signals to him that you’re thinking about marriage. However, do it occasionally to avoid overwhelming him.

Furthermore,you can start heart to heart talks and be vocal on how much you really love him. Ask him if he sees his future with you. Keep the chat as light as possible. Crack some jokes to break the seriousness. The idea is to make him realize that you’re also thinking about marriage and settling down.

You can show your interest on marriage by reading wedding magazines when he’s around. Show him that you’re enthusiastic about it. You can also leave an open magazine on the table to show him that you’re reading it. After seeing this, he will recognize that you’re thinking about marriage. This hint is really helpful if you’re living together. If not, you can do this whenever he visits your house. Just a reminder, don’t read too much if he’s talking to you. Still focus your attention on him, of course! Lastly, go out often with happily married friends. Ask them how do they cope up with their married life.It will make him realize that marriage is a joyfulthing-and maybe it could even get him to propose.

Know this: when you’re boyfriend is prepared to settle down, he will propose to you. These hints can be used to let him distinguish that you’re ready for marriage and that you’re thinking about it honestly. However, if he isn’t prepared, then that’s a different story. Don’t push the issue too much. If both of you are meant to be together, then everything will fall into place at the right time.