Toyota Soarer V8 Tuning Melbourne | Dyno Tuning Melbourne

Lets talk about tuning the Toyota Soarer V8 1991 – 1994 model.

This car runs the Toyota 1UZFE all aluminium, 4 litre, 32 valve V8.

One of the performance upgrades that we are seeing a lot of lately is to bolt a supercharger on to the V8 engine. By bolting a supercharger on, you can get up to a 150% increase in power and torque. That’s a fair increase on what is already a very nice engine.

It’s not unusual to see over 300kW out of one of these at the wheels. If you use an intercooler, or use a water/methanol spray, it can be even better.

One of the things to note if we use the Wolf V500 to run this engine, is that we can run the engine in its standard form as a plugin, we control the transmission (I’ll get more into this later), we control the air conditioning system, and the traction control (you don’t lose the ability to turn the TRC on or off as per standard).

This means, that you have a nice luxury car with a lot of power.

What we find is, that because we have increased the power of the engine so much, that we can change, or tune, the transmission. With the V500 we can adjust shift points, we can change line pressures and torque converter lockup.

Now you have a lot more torque and power out of the engine, you adjust the transmissions shift points to suit it.

Here’s a quick step by step on how to install the Wolf V500 Soarer Plugin.

1. Remove the carpet – the original ECU is where the passengers feet would normally be.

2. Remove the original ECU from the floor.

3. There are two connectors into the original ECU. One of these connectors has a 10mm bolt holding the connector in place. You will need to undo this bolt to remove the plug from the ECU.

5. Plug in the Wolf V500 Soarer Plugin Harness and do up the 10mm bolt in the larger of the two connectors.

6. Run a vacuum line from the manifold to the ECU. If you have a supercharged engine, you must run the vacuum line from the manifold after the supercharger.

7. The V500 ECU and adapter harness fit back in from where you removed the original ECU.

8. The V500 comes with a startup map, so now you should be able to crank and start the engine.

At this stage you will notice that the dashboard is working as per standard with no warning or error lights.