Total Network Monitor is An All-Seeing Eye For Your LAN

Total Network Monitor is An All-Seeing Eye For Your LAN

Today’s growing demand for network asset management tools makes the developers seeking for new solutions to satisfy all sophisticated needs of network management. Main task of such tools is to provide maximum effectiveness of network performance and to reduce costs for hardware and software upgrades. Administrators should be always aware of everything what is going on in their networks in order to anticipate and timely eliminate grave problems connected with local network.

Softinventive Lab has keen sense of the pulse of modern tendencies in network monitoring and audit ( We found new solution to manage your network even better than ever. Softinventive Lab presents its new product Total Network Monitor ( which is a software for the continuous control over the performance of your network, separate computers, network and system utilities that make the essence of your network place and need to be thoroughly monitored. Total Network Monitor will alert you in case of failures and unpredictable errors by many ways before situation becomes threatening to your work. It will build a detailed report on the type and time of the error or failure. You always have an opportunity to check any aspect of this or that utility, server or file system: HTTP, FTP, SMTP/POP3, IMAP, Event Log, Service State, Registry and many other. To all these benefits network map and user-friendly interface make your work with the software the most demonstrable.

The time when you were running from one computer to another for checking the state of certain utilities and applications and waiting for complaints of the annoyed users is irrevocably gone. Total Network Monitor allows you to create monitor lists and customize them as much as possible according to your needs. Just press “Check All Monitors” and you always get an updated information about the state of all network computers and utilities ran on them.

Your each network monitoring project includes three important object groups: devices, monitors and actions. Each device can comprise one or more monitors. Total Network Monitor gives you an ultimately convenient opportunity to monitor the state of devices and monitors (

If you are away from your computer where Total Network Monitor is running you can always find out if something goes wrong. Just add a new action to your monitor which will allow to send message to your mail box or your Jabber client, to run a separate application or to execute script, to reboot a remote computer or utility or just to make a record into a selected log-file. Anyway Total Network Monitor will build a detailed report on this project monitoring.

Besides arranging the devices into various groups Total Network Monitor also allows you to build a demonstrative map of your network ( After adding a new computer to your project it will automatically appear on the map. The only thing you need to do is just join it to already existing devices and a conclusive plan of your network is ready.

Total Network Monitor was designed to be your all-seeing eye. Any important feature is just one click away from you.

Try Total Network Monitor now and feel the advantages of new solution from Softinventive Lab.

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