Tips on Selecting Promise Rings

Tips on Selecting Promise Rings

Women love to sport different kinds of jewelry; be it gold pendants, charm bracelets or solitaires. Men and women would definitely love to sport promise rings. These rings are a symbol of your love and dedication for your partner. Promise rings are special to both the partners and it is best to choose them wisely.

If you are confused about selecting the right ring or wondering what you should engrave on your promise rings then here are few tips that may help you in deciding the apt ring as a couple. Before you go for shopping promise rings you must keep few things in mind

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Budget: it is best to decide a ball park figure that you want to spend on the rings. When you have a budget in mind the jeweler will show you rings that fall in your budget. You won’t waste time on seeing something that you can’t afford

Designs: you can visit different online stores and see if you like any particular design. You must start shopping for your rings at least two to three months before the D day. This will ensure that you have ample time to go through different designs and select the one that suits your style and your budget.

Quality: rings are everyday wear just like charm bracelets or gold pendants hence you must choose something durable. Platinum is harder and can withstand everyday wear and tear with grace. You may also opt for 18K gold instead. Irrespective of the material chosen, you must ensure that it is of top quality. These rings are symbolic and they have to be the best. These rings are going to remind you of your love so you better not compromise on quality of these rings.

Style: please understand that these rings are going to be a daily wear item just like your partner’s gold pendants or charm bracelets hence it is important that they have a practical style. Having exquisite work on your rings may make them unsuitable for daily wear. If you are planning on having a diamond ring then make sure that the prongs are not visible. 6 prong setting is recommended for daily wear rings where as 4 prongs setting is apt for more exquisite work.

Trusted Jeweler: another important factor is the jeweler. Instead of ordering your promise rings online just like your charm bracelets or gold pendants you must buy them personally from a store. Having personal contacts with the jeweler is extremely important in case you need to resize or modify the ring. Always buy your jewelry from a trusted jeweler. Don’t forget to ask for authenticity certificate for your diamond rings.

Now that you know things that you must keep in mind before buying the rings, let us look at engraving ideas for your special commitment rings. These rings symbolize your commitment towards each other. You may want to engrave a word that describes you as a couple. Many couples also prefer engraving their most memorable and special date on the ring. This date could be your proposal date or the date when you met each other. You may want engrave symbols like heart or your zodiac signs on your promise rings. A look at gold pendants or charm bracelets may give an idea about different symbols that can be used by you. Emoticons or birthstones are also popular options in these rings. It is best to shop for these rings as a couple so that both the partners are happy with the final choice. Don’t rush into buying the rings. Take your time and buy something that is unique just like you are.