Take water purification tablets with you in the jungle

Imagine that you’re lost in the jungle, but you have a shelter and enough food and water. Because you are almost invisible for others in the jungle, you have to rescue yourself. If this happens, here are some tips to survive.

Walk through the jungle with long sleeves Get water and other necessary stuff and wear a shirt with long sleeves. This may seem odd because it is probably very hot and humid in the jungle. But if you are already visited the jungle you know that the thick vegetation and thorny branches are difficult to get through. Wearing long sleeves helps to prevent cuts and scratches and reduces the chance of infection. A tip to walk through thick vegetation is to rotate your hips while walking, bend your body and make you steps smaller or larger.

Use a machete walking through thick vegetation. Only hood the necessary branches to make a path through the wilderness. If you don’t have a machete, use a large branch to push the vegetation directly in front of you aside. A stick can also be useful in moving spiders and snakes. But remember, always respect the nature!

Develop your vision in the jungle Try to develop a “jungle eye” during your trip. Scan the area in front of you and underneath with your eyes. Look ahead, look back through the jungle and observe natural openings. This is meant by developing a “jungle eye”. Don’t only look at the bushes and trees that are right in front of you. Look a little further ahead and look at natural openings. Look “through” the jungle and not “to” the jungle. Remember also not to forget to look periodically at the ground. You may just discover an overgrown path.

To avoid going round in circles run, choose a subject which is 50 meters ahead of you. Walk up to it and choose a new point by looking back at your starting point and create a straight line between them. Always be careful for the danger of wild animals. If you move slowly and steadily, and listen carefully to the sounds around you, you may prevent you from meeting a wild animal.

Drinking water in the jungle If you are out of drinking water you need to find a source to get some fresh water. But you will never be sure if this water is polluted. What can you do with this inconvenience? The first thing you must do is to purify the water. You can boil the water if you have a stove with you. About the duration and the temperature at which this should happen are different opinions. Most bacteria die quickly above 70 ° C. Pasteurization of milk is merely a matter of heating for a couple of seconds above this temperature. If the water is not too you can boil it just for a short time. Some pathogens are resistant to high temperatures. Therefore the water is often recommended by cooking a few minutes.

Another method is to first filter the water with a coffee filter or towel to remove most of the dirt. Then use a water purification tablet to disinfect the contaminated water. The most common tablets use chlorine to purify the water. Other ingredients can be iodine or chlorine dioxide. One tablet for one liter should be enough. Just wait for half an hour and you have drinking water.