Steps to Get My Ex Wife Back

Steps to Get My Ex Wife Back

Are you suffering from loneliness and depression brought about by a divorce? Do you feel that you made the wrong choice and would like to correct it? Is the only thing that’s on your mind is “I must get my ex wife back?” It can be done by knowing the reason for the failure of your marriage, giving her space and keeping your pride without being proud.

As difficult as it is to believe, a failed marriage is not a permanent set up. There is room for change. Consider how many former husbands and wives manage to find each other again after separation.

If it happened to them, it can happen to you too … if you play your cards right. If your wife was the one who called it quits, you can bank on one thing: she didn’t pull the trigger just because she doesn’t love you anymore.

She did so because you hurt her deeply, perhaps in ways that you weren’t even aware of in the first place.

Before attempting to play Romeo and assault her with flowers and chocolates (even if they are her favorite), it is more important to find out why she left you in the first place.

Women don’t usually say exactly what they think so you have to “decode” the meaning of her words. Ask your female friends, your sister or even your mother to decipher her actions. See, men and women think very differently so don’t assess your situation from a man’s spectacles. Find a woman or a relationship expert whose opinion and character you trust to help you discover why your ex wife decided to end everything.

Please do not stalk her, I mean “follow her around”.

What you may perceive as simply wanting to get a glimpse of her may come across wrong and she would think that you are harassing her.

Calling her every 5 minutes to check how she’s doing, leaving her emails and offline messages, trying to catch her in her favorite coffee shop or worse, hanging around in front of her place will not win her back. In fact, it would even reinforce her that she made the correct decision.

Keep your pride without being proud.

That means no getting down on your knees, begging her to give you a second chance. That would completely strip you of the respect that you want from her and she wants to give you.

Don’t act overly confident though because a woman wants to feel needed. If you convey through your actions that you are better off without her, then I suggest you start getting used to growing old alone because that just won’t work.

Don’t assume your plan of getting her back will work because it was you who don’t understand enough about your wife’s emotion which caused her to leave you, instead, using the advices from an expert that will increase your chance to get your loving wife back for you and maybe for your kids too.

You can get your ex wife back but you need to show her that taking another risk with you is worth it. Have a careful plan before taking any actions.

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