Marriage_ A social responsibility and way of peaceful life.

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Marriage can be defined as an agreement between two people, of opposite sex, to live together legally and to pay each other respect in every regard.
Scholars are of the view that marriage is of utmost importance in every persons’ life as it help in curtailing many social problems.
Without any doubt, marriage is part of the social agenda of human life. The upbringing of children must be done in such a way that it promotes marriage and both the family members must be able to perform their obligations towards each other.
Marriages offer many benefits to human beings. First, as described above, it will help in eliminating ill deeds from the society as both the partners will enjoy each other’s company. Secondly, it will help in division of work. Being good partners, it will help in equal division of work e.g. wife may take the responsibility of house and kids and husband will take care of financial matters to run a happy life.
Marriage will also sense of responsibility as both the members will have their duties towards the family.
Marriage is supposed to tie a man and a woman together and strengthen their relationship. Now a day, we see a new era where marriages are no longer considered as necessary or even significant for a relationship. But marriage is an important and essential part of every human’s life. The negation of this fact has resulted in many problems such as homosexuality and masturbation etc., which is deteriorating our society day by day.
Through marriage the incompleteness of a human being can be converted into completeness. Marriage helps in making both husband and wife more responsible. Marriage helps to safeguard from committing immoral acts.
There are many medical benefits of marriage. It has been proved that married people live longer than unmarried people. Smoking and drinking habits are also found less in married people as compared to unmarried. Marriage also helps in dealing with stressful situations as both the partners can share their problems with each other and relieve the tension. Married people also live longer because of many reasons i.e. they are able to reduce unhealthy activities, economic well-being, and also increased social network for problem solving.
Its very alarming that the marriage is considered as a hazard and an undesired thing by many people around the world. Now marriage is considered as a last option to keep a couple together instead of a binding relationship that can only be separated by death. So marriage should be viewed as sacred act and when one finds a right person he or she should marry.
So to sum up the discussion, the effects of marriage on human life are very positive in lieu of health, managing stress, longer life, sex and satisfaction, wealth, and higher earnings.
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