Lesbian Foreplay Tips _ How to Please a Woman the Right Way!

Lesbian Foreplay Tips : How to Please a Woman the Right Way!

Lesbian Foreplay : Discover Female Pleasure Tips From Women Who Love Women

Author: Maya Silverman

In female to female foreplay the roles are interchangeable. Using sensual, full body techniques you can engage in deep contemplative expression drawing on each other’s energies in a unique way. The connection can be deep as it is familiar and result in harmonious ecstasy. Using Kama Sutra techniques, erotic foreplay celebrates the creative spirit of woman and the profound spirituality available to both. Begin with a relaxing bath or shower gently washing each other’s backs. Take time together to breath in the aroma of scented bubble bath and let the cares of the day slip away in the candlelight and soft music.

Take turns washing each other’s feet as you sit at opposite ends of the tub, massaging the toes, ankles and calves as you do. Use the soapy water to create an easy glide over your partner’s skin. Continue on in this way exploring each other’s bodies and focusing on relaxation and sensation. Watch each other’s faces for clues and responses to each touch. Ask them if they are enjoying what you are doing or if there is something they would like you to try. Connect eye to eye for moments of intimacy and closeness. Watch the other’s hands as they work their way over your body. Enjoy the totality of sensation, both visual and physical.

Dry each other with soft, warm towels and then continue your foreplay in the bedroom. Here you will want to use massage oils. Take turns giving each other full body massages and/or a Yoni massage. Indulge each other in pure physical pleasure without expectation. Concentrate on relaxing and experiencing the ecstasy and healing power of touch. You might like to include a soft feather in the massage. Trace your partner’s body with the feather allowing it to glide slowly and softly over her tummy, breasts and nipples. Her face will tell you if she is enjoying the journey. When using massage oil always use a liberal amount. You can never use too much. You may wish to lay a towel beneath the receiver for comfort purposes and to catch any drips. Keep the room warm and comfortable.

If you wish to include a Yoni massage in your erotic foreplay have the receiver lie back propped up by multiple pillows to an almost seated position so she can watch the massage. Place another pillow under her hips cover by a towel. Her legs should be drawn up slightly and allowed to fall open to expose the Yoni allowing for easy access for massage. Once the receiver is in a comfortable position begin the massage by taking deep, relaxing breaths. Both giver and receiver should remain relaxed at all times. The giver should then massage the abdomen, hips and thighs. Only gradually begin the Yoni massage when you are both sufficiently relaxed.

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