How To Solve”this Connection Is Untrusted” Problem

browsing on the Internet is a very enjoyable day of activities, log on to facebook and post some words on the wall you upload pictures on facebook or you may also upload a video. Can also check emails every day, seeing the latest developments online deran you via email and komukasi with friends via email, are examples of daily activities when surfing

A couple weeks ago I got problem when try login to my facebook account because when hit login button I see page display error ” This connection is Untrusted ” . Normally we can login without this problem , and this is very annoying problem if you don’t know how to solve it.

I have 2 Solution for this problem :

first you can try this steps:

1. when you got ” This connection is Untrusted ” message, click I Understand the Risks

2. and then click add exception button

3. and then you will see new windows and then click get Certificate

4. after few second click Confirm Security Exception and then the page will loading normally and you now can login to

this is simple way to solve this problem and not permanent, because when you login again we must repeat from step 1 to step
5 .

I tried to find the reason why ” This connection is Untrusted ” message appear , because at other pc in same network is fine
, I can login normally to facebook . finally I find the reason , the problem is time at your computer is not match with your
local time , I guess this reason why always got this connection is Untrusted message when try login to facebook.

This case not only when you login to facebook, but other website that use https like yahoo, blogspot and others website.

try this second way to fix this problem ,

– match you computer time with your local time
to do this go to control panel —>then choose date and time, change the time . Sometimes for few case you cannot resetting
time and date and you got message “you don’t have privilege level change system time”

if like this, go to start menu ==> run=== >then type gpedit.msc and then follow this steps:

Local Computer Policy | Computer Configuration | Windows Settings | Security
Settings | Local Policies | User Rights Assignment

then click change system time , for default authorization is for power user and Administrators. If blank click add user/grup
and then click advance tab and then find now , choose user administrator or use that you use now.

and then restart you pc and you now can resetting your computer time.

One way again is to replace the motherboard CMOS battery, because when the battery is weak then the result is often setting the time on the computer itself will change, causing the “This is untrusted connection” error when opening certain websites.
This mode is the best way to address the changing time on the computer, sometimes it’s a virus is the cause but will also most likely the CMOS battery is weak and the timing for the change . I guarantee an error “This is untrusted connection” will not happen anymore when you’ve done the steps as mentioned below.