How To Prevent School Violence

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School violence is an emerging issue related to children and the best way to deal with it is to prevent it. For this, both parents and children need to be aware of the ways to prevent school violence. Read on to know how to prevent school violence.

School violence has been one of the major issues that still needs to be dealt with effectively. With the rising rate of juvenile delinquency and crime involving and related to children, it becomes even more important to take effective steps against school violence. It is one of the important causes that leads to children failing classes and dropping out of school at an early age. School violence is also known to affect students mentally, causing them to have a mental block for attending school out of fear.

The problems of school violence include shootings, drug abuse, rape, teenage pregnancy, alcohol abuse, assault, robbery, etc. All of these are serious criminal issues that cannot be dealt only with a legal aspect in mind as it involves many other factors that need to be analyzed and understood. Ways to prevent school violence should be developed after the causes leading to them have been determined. Knowing how to prevent school violence is essential on the part of the school authorities and the parents.

Causes of Student Violence in Schools
The causes of student violence in school can be attributed to various factors like illegitimacy, poverty and low socio-economic status, family disintegration and divorce, taking to drugs and alcohol at a very early age, child abuse and domestic violence, behavioral problems that are ignored by parents and teachers, television and video game violence, etc.

Ways to Prevent School Violence
These steps should be implemented by parents as well as the school authorities, especially by the school teachers. It involves monitoring student activities not only inside the classroom, but also at or within the school premises to ensure prevention of school violence and provide school safety.

How to Prevent School Violence- Using Technological Aids
You can take the help of various devices like CCTV cameras and metal detectors to keep a check on any unwanted material that is being brought into the school premises. Random checks can also help keep a tab on such behavior. This needs to be done in schools that are at a considerably high risk of school violence.

How to Prevent School Violence- Monitoring
Teachers should monitor student behavior within the classroom and also outside the classroom. If you find any student at the risk of giving rise to school violence, keep a tab on the student’s behavior and also report this to the higher authorities at the school. Also, try and have frequent talks with the student and report any drastic change in behavior. This method of early intervention can help prevent school violence to a great extent.

How to Prevent School Violence- Rules and Regulations
School authorities must clearly specify all the rules, regulations and policies of the school to the students as well as the parents, at the time of admission and also during academic meetings. Clearly state the kind of behavior expected, the actions that would taken in case of misbehavior, what not to bring to school, etc.

How to Prevent School Violence- Formation of Student Groups
School authorities can form student led anti-violence groups that keep a tab on violent behavior in school. Have frequent meetings and implement strategies using suggestions from students and teachers in order to prevent school violence. This can be one of the effective ways to prevent school violence.

How to Prevent School Violence- School Violence Prevention Workshops
Conduct school violence prevention workshops in the schools with the involvement of all the school students. Discuss the importance of prevention of school violence, consequences of alcohol and drug abuse and also ask the students about their view on this. Discuss the laws related to crimes, especially juvenile delinquency and ask them to help any of their friends involved in any such activity. Intervention may help revert such students back to normal behavior.

Implementing these steps will go a long way in preventing school violence and reducing the rate of school violence. Parents should also know how to prevent violence and bring up children in an atmosphere conducive to their growth and development.
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