How To Prepare Delicious Ice Cream Soup

Who doesn’t like to have soup as a starter or as a dessert? Delicious soup can very well compliment your main course.You can make your children happy by serving them various kinds of soup. It fulfills the nutritional requirements of your children.Not only the children,the adults also prefer soup along with the main dish or separately.

If you want taste and health together soup is the right option for you. You can follow our easy soup recipes to get ideas how to prepare various soups with simple and healthy ingredients in no time.

Soup as Starter

Serving soup as a starter is an age old tradition. Tomato soup recipes, tortilla soup recipes,chicken soup recipes etc are most common recipes.Everyone prepares that at home.In fact these are also very popular soups that are served in different restaurants.

Soup as Dessert

How about preparing something unique? How will it be if you prepare a dessert soup recipe and give your family a surprise? Have you ever given it a thought? Sweet dish is an inseparable part of a good menu.Instead of serving sweets,milk shade, chocolates you can serve ice cream soup.

Unique Soup Recipes

With our unique soup recipes you can prepare tasty ice cream soups. This unique sweet dish will surely bring a smile on the faces of your children.You can also delight other family members with this delicious delicacy.

Ice Cream Soup Recipes

One of our most mouth watering ice cream soup recipes is Choco Carpet Delight.Preparing this soup is absolutely easy.You don’t even need to spend a lot on the ingredients.The ingredients are simple and they are easily available in the market.

The ingredients that you need to prepare Choco Carpet Delight include:

Vanilla ice cream – 3 scoops
Chocolate sauce – 2 table spoon
Chocolate cake crumbs – 1/2 cup
Plain chocolate – 1 small bar
Ice cream wafer – 1
Sliced strawberries – 8
Cherries – 2

Making a food item tasty is the first condition of successful cooking but the decoration and the aroma add more charm to a preparation.Use an oval shaped dish for this preparation.First you should spread cake crumbs on the dish.Now take the wafer and cut it into 2 triangles.

Next you should scrape chocolate.Scrape it with a vegetable peeler.This will give the chocolate a curled shape.Remember you have bought 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream.Now place the scoops at the center of the plate. Put them in a line.

Once you put them on the plate pour chocolate sauce over the scoops.The main preparation is done. You can now garnish the ice cream.You have cut the wafer in 2 triangles. Now put them on the center scoop. Put the cherries on top of the two outer scoops.

The decoration is not yet finished.Arrange the strawberries all around the plate.The chocolate you scrapped is the next ingredient to be used.Sprinkle the curls all over the ice cream balls.This will add more taste to your favorite dish.