How to make Love to a Woman 3 Essential Steps

How to make Love to a Woman 3 Essential Steps

1) Get Ready for sex.

Are there things she has been “nagging” you to do? Women hate it when you blow them off just like men do. Within reason do what she tells you to without complaining and in a reasonable amount of time. Women can seldom relax when the house is a mess. If you help out, with keeping things clean and in order, especially your stuff, it will go a long way with most women.

Have you taken a shower, shaved, brushed your teeth, scraped your tongue, filed and cleaned your nails, brushed your hair? Cleanliness is next to sexiness. Look and smell good all over and you are much more likely to get laid.

2) Put Her in the mood for sex.

Women need to relax before they can get aroused. Create a sexy atmosphere with low lights, soft music, a clean and well ordered environment. Consider taking her out to dinner, or helping her do the dishes. Women like to feel like they are being courted, like you are still dating them especially if you have been together for a long time. Talk to your woman and listen to her. Just listing to a woman is an essential step in making her want to have sex with you. If she feels that you acknowledge her, listen to her, and treat her like a “girlfriend” on a date, she will be much more likely to be in the mood for sex. Despite your efforts some women will never get in the mood for sex in which case you might be better off with another woman or a sexy escort.

3) Tease her then please her.

Kissing, holding and stroking a woman, softly at first then gaining intensity as she responds is the first step. Pay attention to how she is responding to you. Match her intensity. Hold her in your arms, kiss her, kiss her neck run your hands down her sides, cup her ass. Then move to her breasts. Women’s breasts are very tricky. What felt great to her a week ago, might hurt depending on where they are in their menstrual cycle, so start softly cupping and caressing her breasts. When handling her breasts cup the whole breast from the outside and apply genital pressure up and in. Never apply pressure down and out women hate that. Her breasts nipples will firm up and swell as she becomes aroused. As she pushes into your caress you can gradually use more pressure. Your hands can move down her legs and caress her ass and inner thigh while your mouth works on a breast. Move down her torso with kisses and caresses and go down on her. Women love oral sex. Learn to be good at it. Start soft and increase pressure and speed as she moves below her mouth. She will move and rock under you directing you to the areas where she wants stimulation. Her clit and labia will swell as they become excited. Don’t provide direct stimulation to her clit until it is swollen and hard. When she is on the edge of coming, keep doing whatever you were doing that got her there. Just after she has come move back to soft oral sex to give her clit a chance to recover. Long soft licks and gentle sucking work well at this point. Let her have an orgasm or two before you move on to intercourse. After she has come a couple of times, wipe your mouth and face off with a handy towel, lube your penis, wipe your hands, then move up and kiss and caress her some more. In a few moments she will be ready for intercourse. Missionary is usually the best starting position. Slide your penis into her smoothly and gradually She should open up and get used to your penis before you start smooth and gradual thrusting. As always move with her as you pick up the pace going from gentle to firm to hot wild sex. Always pay attention to how she is moving under you and responding to your lovemaking.

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