How To Improve Egg Quality For Ivf

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If you are looking for information on how to improve egg quality for IVF, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure that your eggs are in tip-top condition when it comes round to the time for collection.

Although there is no doubt that ovarian health is affected by age, this is not the only factor and there is much which impacts on the health of the ovaries and eggs and much we can do to influence them to our advantage. The relevant factors include, amongst others, our diet, environmental factors, hormonal issues and stress.

Prior to ovulation, there is a lot going on in respect of our eggs. Indeed, the production cycle begins 90 days before ovulation and during this time, a multitude of things can both positively and negatively affect egg quality. During this time, eggs are affected by blood flow, the hormones flowing through our bodies, what we eat and stress.

* Blood Flow

It is important that our ovaries have a good blood supply which is rich in oxygen. Poor blood flow can be the result of lack of exercise, dehydration and thicker blood. To counteract this, ensure that you drink at least 2 liters of water each and every day. You should also try to find a form of exercise which you enjoy, but think moderate rather than strenuous. Exercise helps the blood to pump round the body, thus increasing the flow of oxygen to our vital organs. Some forms of massage have also been shown to help improve the blood supply to the ovaries.

* Hormones

When looking at how to improve egg quality for IVF, hormonal balance should not be overlooked. This can be affected by so many things, including environmental toxins, stress and diet. When hormones are out of kilter, this can disrupt ovulation. Hormones can be rebalanced by eliminating environmental toxins by way of a thorough detox and reducing your future exposure. Ensure that you eat foods which have been produced organically.

* Diet

What we eat impacts tremendously on our health and specifically, the right kinds of foods can improve egg quality for IVF. Foods to help improve egg health include full fat dairy products, royal jelly, broccoli, berries, pumpkin seeds, halibut, sesame seeds, dark green leafy vegetables and ginger. Harmful foods and substances include tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, fizzy drinks, trans fats, processed foods and sugar.

Another consideration for those wanting to know how to improve egg quality for IVF is whether or not to take nutritional supplements. There are a number now on the market which are specially designed for pre-natal use and you might want to ask your IVF doctor which she recommends.
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