Help Save Mother Earth – Throw Your Garbage Properly

Help Save Mother Earth – Throw Your Garbage Properly

The environment is polluted, the Earth’s ozone layer is damaged. This worsening condition can be traced from too much rubbish and improper garbage management and disposal. Urban areas are the most affected places because they are more populated. People are instrumental to the unhealthy environment we live in. Waste segregation has been implemented but it seems not everybody follow the rules.

The aggravating problem in the environment can be solved with recycling, proper waste management and correct garbage disposal. Certain households cannot do the job of disposing their garbage. This is the reason why hauling services and trash collection businesses had begun to mushroom in the metropolis. For garbage disposal needs in your locality, find a garbage disposal business and you definitely have the solution.

If you will only try to do some internet searching, you will discover many companies already established for the purpose of hauling trash and other garbage. These companies are those who realized the feasibility of a hauling business and as one of the pioneers, they could have flourished in this period when garbage is a major household problem. For a minimal and affordable fee, the place can be devoid of disease carrying trash.

What kinds of trash are collected?

The garbage company collects all kinds of trash and rubbish of the different households. Whatever kind of trash or debris is accepted and they will properly dispose them. Their condition though, the trash should not contain dead animals, explosive, poison, acids and caustics in order to be accepted for disposal services. The rubbish should not be hazardous in order to be collected.

Recyclable materials are taken from the homes, collected for proper disposal. Examples of the recyclable material eligible for pick-up by the company can be aluminum, metal cans, beverage containers, cartons, old newspapers and assorted bottles and jars.

Bulk hauling is also done by a trash collection company. The bulk trash can be yard wastes, trimmings of trees, garbage clean-up and trash brought about by move ins/move outs. Surprisingly, they even collect and dispose horse manure.

Garbage collection firms offer bulk hauling of various types of debris, which includes horse manure, yard waste, tree trimmings, garage clean out, move-outs/ins, call and we can see if we can haul. These services are on an as-needed basis and would need to be scheduled.

Conditions for hauling

It is required that garbage and recycled materials are placed in sturdy plastic bags and tied. The weight of garbage contained in a single bag is 3 – 35 gallon bags or 10 – 13 gallon bags per pick-up.

Schedule of Garbage Collection

There is a scheduled time for collection – weekly service depending upon the location. Legal holidays are observed by the company. All garbage should be ready by 7 o’clock in the morning which is the scheduled pick-up time. For bulk hauling, a schedule should be arranged.

Rates and Billing

For weekly collection of trash, the estimated monthly rate is $20, more or less. For twice a month frequency of collection, the monthly rate is approximated at $40. Billing period is dependent upon company policy – it can be every two months or quarterly.

Benefits of the business to the community

Proper garbage and trash collection are beneficial to the community. It discards health hazards. The cleanliness of the surrounding prevents spread of diseases.

More garbage collecting businesses are needed to keep the community sanitized and clean. They do not only prevent pollution, they make the surrounding free from disease carrying virus and bacteria.

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