Food Service Operation or Bakery – 5 Merchandising Elements to Drive Sales

Food Service Operation or Bakery – 5 Merchandising Elements to Drive Sales

How can you attract more customers and give your food establishment an updated appearance without major renovations or redecorating? It’s simpler than you may think. Through the effective use of the following 5 Elements of Merchandising, your bakery or food service operation can have the trendy, popular feel of private dining establishments that may be drawing some of your customers.

Your employees can easily and quickly make these changes to your existing space by following these guidelines:

Use Color:
Color grabs attention. Repeating the same color or colors within your display and throughout your establishment is particularly effective to keep the eye moving and to showcase featured items. The use of seasonal colors or color trends can be real attention-getters to create impulse buying opportunities. Color can be introduced through napkins, signage, decorative tablecloths, wall and table décor, displayware and serveware.

Combine Textures:
Texture creates subtle visual interest. Like color, it carries the eye from point to point allowing the customer to take in the full array of food items quickly and easily. Varying textures will keep your displays looking updated and unique and can subtly reinforce seasonal themes. Combining your supply of stainless pieces with other textures creates a striking contrast that brings the eye to your food.

Develop Eye-Catching Communication:
Communication is a critical component of successful merchandising. Communication supplies for your bakery or food service operation can include signage, photos, price tags and labels. For instance, signage makes it easier for customers to identify and select from a wide array of bakery items. This is particularly helpful if the items may not be familiar or if you are trying to promote a new item or menu special. Signage is available in all sizes, mediums, and price points, making it easy to incorporate it as a component of your thematic merchandising plan.

Elevate With Landscaping:
Landscaping is necessary for optimal food presentation. When properly executed, landscaping works to make the customer experience easier. When food is displayed at various heights or levels, customers can quickly scan the selections or be able to serve themselves with ease. The use of attractive bakery supplies such as displayware and conveniently placed containers is necessary for easy selection and pick-up. Using creative landscaping and maintaining uncluttered, open displays with attractive visual components will make your food presentations inviting.

Don’t Forget Décor:
Décor is the finishing touch to any food set-up. Just a few carefully placed decorative items can transform your ambiance and enhance your customers’ purchasing experience in your food service or bakery operation. Décor is also a great way to incorporate color and texture in your display, making it an easy way to complete your merchandising. Minor alterations to your décor can change the look from breakfast to lunch to dinner. A supply of seasonal theme decorations can easily be incorporated with the use of festive décor supplies such as crepe garlands, props, display cloths, filled jars and framed artwork.

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