Follow Your Dreams to New Heights!

Follow Your Dreams to New Heights!

This time of year is a great opportunity for us to take stock of ourselves, and to try to create for ourselves something different, something bigger in the months and years ahead. Here are three simple steps that will help you to not only achieve your goals, but live an inspired and fulfilling life, too.

* Set a goal and go for it!
More often than not, the resolutions we make can take all the juice out of the journey—that’s why I’m not into resolutions. It’s a more powerful experience to set goals when we feel invited to follow some inner calling, when our very thoughts and dreams are echoed everywhere in the songs and stories we hear and in the media we see and follow, and we know we just have to go for it.
Maybe the messagewe get from the universe doesn’t seem to make sense in the real world, but somewhere inside it resonates and feels right? Maybe we feel an urge to move to a new place even though where weare is just fine? Or maybe we feel a desire to pursue a new career path that never much interested us before?
The moment we make the decision to follow that direction, the universe conspires and sets into motion the means for everything to fall into place. And once we have decided, a sense of peace and purpose embraces us: We feel supported and we become aware of opportunities opening up around us.
The universe stands tall behind us at the ready to support our goals. All we have to do is to decide on our goals and to start taking consistent actions to achieve them.

* Live an intentional life.
As we pursue our goals in day-to-day life, we sometimes forget the original reasons for what we want to accomplish. The routine we create over the years becomes just that—a routine that loses its charge, its purpose, and its meaning.
However, even simple tasks such as doing the dishes or cooking a meal take on new meaning when we remind or set for ourselves an intention on why we do it. If we do the dishes to have a tidy kitchen or we cook a meal to feed our family, doing the dishes or cooking a meal makes us feel satisfied and happy. Our life becomes a life with purpose.
When we have set our intention to do our job in ways that serve others and help to make the world a better place, the next time we are stuck in traffic on the way to the office will be a much less annoying experience.
When we live intentionally, we achieve two important results:

* Our satisfaction in life becomes infinite. We are inspired and motivated to stay on track and achieve our goals.

* By nurturing our self-awareness, we are inclined to drop the tasks that provide us with little satisfaction and seem meaningless—tasks that prove to carry no intention for us in our life.

* Schedule more funtime.
As we take actions toward achieving our goals and stay mindful of our intentions, we want to remember to have some fun—regularly. This means we need to schedule time for something that gets our mojo working. If it is a walk alone in the park, dinner with friends, a music concert, or a family movie night, declare your intention,schedule it and make it happen!

Take a step toward your dreams and follow them to new heights!Make it happen! Set goals, keep in mind your intentions, and take inspired actions—and have fun along the way. Not only will you achieve your goals, create for yourself a life of meaning, and feel happier and more satisfied with yourself and your life, but you will become an inspiration for others and make a difference simply by being yourself—a worthy goal in itself to set and achieve!
For further inspiration and tips, hints, and advice on how to improve the quality of your life and achieve your goals with ease, visit my blog and book yourself private sessions with me. Please feel free to share this information with your family and friends.

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