Excellence And Tradition Define Belgian Chocolate Brands

Belgian chocolate brands dominate the worldwide chocolate business. In the last one hundred years Belgian chocolate has been exalted and acclaimed as the best. Belgian chocolate makers took the industry to another level when, upon learning the basics from the Swiss, it expanded blends and flavors into new heights. The difference is that Belgium has now given the four corners of the world access to its array of chocolate creations.

Today, traditional methods of from the Belgian chocolate industry had become the basis of excellence, not just in Europe but in the rest of the chocolate-eating world. To say that pralines, a trademark product has influenced the way the Western world has made chocolate is an understatement. The culinary tradition that was made possible by Belgium’s access to the best cocoa plant varieties in the 19th century continue to this day.

The Gourmet Sweet Tooth

Gourmet and luxury are the main adjectives tied to belgian chocolate brands. The dedication to uphold the highest quality of products does not just rest on methods that have been tried and tested since the early 20th century. Recipes handed down from generations demand for the best quality ingredients. The finest fruits, nuts, coco beans and cocoa butter are used and combined in magical ways. Perhaps, this is what sets Belgian chocolate apart—excellence and tradition.

Savory and satisfying products has ever justified the extra cost. Belgian chocolates are praline perfections. What is more decadent than a hard chocolate shell with soft, mouth-watering filling? The French may have almonds and caramelized sugar, while Americans boast of milk or cream fudge insides, but Belgian confections are so delectable that they are wrapped and given as very special gifts to loved ones. Pralines are the original concoction of chocolatier Jean Neuhaus II in 1912. These chocolate jewels are not just very popular now, but well-loved and widely imitated. The unforgettable filling of more chocolate, nuts, and liquor has defined the craving for epicurean dessert.

The true chocolate connoisseur knows that there is a chocolate recipe that defines a particular Belgian town or city. And perhaps a chocolate bon vivant would prioritize, over all other tourist spots, a visit to the Musee du Cacao et du Chocolate (the Chocolate Museum), and from there proceed to related destinations such as chocolate makers and desert restaurants.

Cure for melancholy and every single malady

Every Belgian chocolate gourmet has learned to expect the ambrosial fondant at the center of each chocolate bonbon. Delicate, divine, and exquisite bars of chocolate are superior in their ability to cure the downhearted. But, you need not be melancholy to indulge in Belgian chocolate brands.

Here’s a tip for the overt and covert praline fan. Every year in April, there is a Chocolate Festival in Bruges. This festival is attended by the biggest chocolate makers in the country. The best thing about the festival is the tasting events. There is arguably no better way to celebrate the spring or, no better excuse indulging in chocolate heaven.