Dr. Romance’s 10 Behaviors to Enhance Your Marriage

Dr. Romance’s 10 Behaviors to Enhance Your Marriage

Want to make sure your relationship is a success? Here are ten ways to bring the sparkle back and keep it going.
Dr. Romance’s 10 Behaviors to Enhance Your Marriage
1. Talk frequently and honestly to each other –about your frustrations, about sex, about anger, about disappointment, about your appreciation of each other, about the meaning of life, about everything.
2. Strive to work together to solve anything that comes up — be a team, a partnership. Don’t get stuck on who’s right or wrong — focus on what will solve the problem.
3. Keep your connection going — through communication, sex, affection, understanding and concern for each other.
4. Have a sense of humor, give the benefit of the doubt, care about each other.
5. It’s not about who’s right or wrong it’s about solving the problem together.
6. With listening, caring and the willingness to change, anything in your relationship can be fixed.
7. It’s a partnership, stupid! Stop struggling, and learn to work together.
8. Behavior that enhances relationships with people at work, and with your friends, will probably work if you use it with your spouse.
9. What goes around comes around, in love as well as life.
10. Be a grownup, not a little kid.
Adapted from How to Be a Couple and Still Be Free

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