Don\’t Forget To Plan For Wedding Favors In Your Budget
Rose Smith
Wedding favors are small, inexpensive gifts or souvenirs that you present to your guests as
a way of saying “thank-you for attending our wedding celebration”. It has become customary
to give something in return to your guests that they can keep as a memory of your special
Favors don\’t have to be large or expensive. Some are elegant, some are practical and some
are just plain fun. Choose a favor that reflects your wedding theme in some way. Many favor
ideas can easily be interchanged with various themes just by substituting a decoration or
color on the favor.
Budget For The Cost of Wedding Favors
When planning out your wedding budget, be sure to allot about 3% of your money toward
favors. Make sure you know the approximate number of guests that will be attending your
reception, then you will be better able to estimate the maximum amount of how much each
favor can cost. The fewer guests that you have, the more expensive your favors can be, if
you so choose.
When making or buying any favors, keep in mind the color scheme of your wedding and use
ribbons, tulle, flowers, etc. decorations that reflect your wedding colors.
Once the favors are completed, attach personalized favor tags that have your names and
wedding date printed on them. You can use paper tags or monogrammed ribbons that you either
create yourself or purchase from a vendor. Some couples also add a small saying to their
tags as well.
Delight Your Guests With Unique and Creative Favors
Wedding party favors are only limited by your imagination, so mix and match, and have fun
creating your own unique bridal favors.
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