Did You Know? Some of the most interesting facts about pancakes

Everybody loves pancakes for breakfast, and they also make great snacks at any time of the day. What could be a better breakfast than having pancakes with hot maple syrup, along with coffee on a Sunday morning? just imagine yourself! So what is mystery behind pancakes? why do we love them so much? what makes them so special? and where do they come from? Some people might take eating pancakes for granted and don’t really appreciate the rich history and facts behind them. Surprisingly, pancakes have a very rich background that not a lot of people are aware of. But once you’ve read these facts, you’ll start to appreciate pancakes a whole lot more!
– A 1000 years ago, pancakes were traditionally served on shrove Tuesday.
– Surprisingly, pancakes are popular all around the world. Although some cultures may not use the same ingredients as Europeans or Americans, they ingredients are overall similar and tend to have similar taste and texture.
– One of the most popular topping on pancakes is maple syrup, which is actually a sweet tree sap, that comes from the maple tree found in Canada. Maple syrup was first discovered by native Americans.
– While cooking pancakes, the French often make a wish, while flipping the pancake to turn it over, while holding a coin in the other hand.
The first ever pancake recipe was found in a English cookbook around the 15th century.
– Pancakes are often made on the griddle that’s because griddle cooking if lot older than baking.
– Using baking soda, on butter milk pancakes tends to remove the acidic properties that come with buttermilk, thus a better tasting pancake.
– The famous William Shakespeare loved pancakes so much, that he often mentioned pancakes during his famous play’s.
– Did you know that pancake sandwiches are the hottest new food trend?
Pancakes in Europe have a holy significance on easter day, and therefore, are often served on easter.
– Unlike breads, pancakes are usually in a pour able batter type state, which makes cooking them on a griddle a breeze.
– Freshly fallen snow had been used as a secret ingredient in pancakes, before baking soda was invented, this gave the pancakes a soft texture.
– People even play with pancakes, in fact, pancake tossing is a funny sport.
– The largest pancake in the world was actually cooked in Manchester, which measured 15 meters in diamater, and weighed around 3 tons. Nutritionally it had a mind boggling 2 million calories.