another good reason to take your fish oil

Another Good Reason To Take Your Fish Oil
Connie Limon
Two factors that has caused the spread of viral hepatitis around the world is:
It is much easier to fly to another continent in a matter of hours.
We can eat fresh produce grown in countries all around the world.
These are just two reasons the hepatitis viruses have been able to spread more rapidly.
Hepatitis A and E are primarily spread via the fecal- oral route. Some outbreaks have been traced to tainted produce and poor sanitation practices by infected food service workers. Hepatitis A and E can also be spread by blood or sexual activity.
Hepatitis B, C, D and G are spread via blood and body fluid. People at risk would be those with multiple sexual partners, day care and health care workers, people who suffer needle-stick injuries from improperly disposed medical waste, people using recreational drugs, and people receiving tattoos and piercings. Even the sharing of a toothbrush or razor can lead to contact with tainted blood.
Blood transfusion is not a significant mode of transmisssion due to the fact that donor blood is screened for these viruses and tainted blood is discarded.
New hepatitis viruses are still being identified.
Things you can do to help prevent Hepatitis:
The single most important defense is good hand hygiene.
If you are travelling and concerned about the hepatitis viruses, eat only cooked produce and meat and use bottled water for drinking and toothbrushing. Do not put ice in beverages unless you are sure it was made from boiled or bottled water.
After proper hand hygiene, the next best thing is vaccination.
The latest virus to be named is hepatitis G transmitted by blood and body fluids and can possibly be found in all body tissues. Reports include patients who developed flulike symptoms for a limited period and recovered and patients that developed fulminant hepatitits and died. There is no vaccine against this type of hepatitis. Current treatment is symptom management and reducing hepatitis G titers.
You can also take your Fish Oil regularly to help your immune system to function properly if you come in contact with any of the hepatitis viruses. I like using the very best of everything, so I of course would recommend you using Dr. Barry Sears Omega Rx Fish Oil. Fish Oil will not prevent the viruses, but can possibly help your body and immune system to fight off the diseases, and or to recover from a bout of any of the hepatitis viruses.*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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