6 Vegetarian Cooking Recipes As Your Healthy Yet Delicious Meals

If you decided to eat just vegetables for health reasons or simply out of desire, here are my 10 recommended vegetarian cooking recipes which you can use as your healthy yet delicous meals for you and your family.
1. Vegetarian Samosa
Consisting of curried pumpkins and peas, these flour-made triangles really pack a punch and can be served at parties.
If you like being creative and unique with your cultary skills, you may replace pumpkins and peas with carrots, cucumber or long beans.
2. Sun-Dry Tomato, Tofu And Cheese Muffins
These 3 can be served as either high tea snacks or desserts for either one of the 3 meals of the day.
Its silken tofu – which is used as substitute for flour – makes the muffins chewy and moist.
Are ideal snacks for vegetarians and gluten-intolerant.
3. Chinese Style Sweet And Sour Carrot Pickle
Simple pickles made from carrots can be used as an appetiser or a condiment in Chinese style.
To add extra colour and punch, add 1 teaspoon of chopped red chilli and sprinkle over 2 teaspoons of dry roasted peanuts.
4. Mixed Salad Of Seaweed And Shiitaki
This unique yet nutritious salad serves as excellent appetiser or light main course for those on a diet.
For both seaweed and shiitaki, you can go to Japanese supermarkets and buy some. Then go and soak in water for a few minutes. What looks like a crumpled cellophane fragments will blossom into a large bowl of beautiful crinkly and jewel-hued seaweed.
Though this dish is purely vegetarian, you can add a bit of sashima or smoked salmon to spice up the taste.
5. Baked Potato Skins With Smoked Salmon Recipe
Apart from smoked salmon, everything else is vegetarian and organic. These bite-sized servings can be included at birthday or some other celebration parties.
They are not only free from mass but healthier than conventional French fries and potato wedges.
6. Sambal Spinach Recipe
If you like sambal chilli, this quick and easy stir fry vegetables will surely be your favourite just as it is mine.
You can either made sambal chill yourself or buy it from your nearest provision store or supermarket. There are some Muslim restaurants who are kind enough to sell you some of their sambal chilli if you are their regular customer.